Created in 1978 by Mr M.Chabchoub and Mr J. Arem under the label Tanit Group , the business covered all trade, manufacturing and engineering fields. the split up of Tanit gave birth to one of the leading groups in Tunisia.the holding has been named Group Chabchoub in 2006, since when the son Amin Chabchoub ( MBA,QM and international trade) took over the family business.

   The Group has been since developing to include today diverse strategic sectors, ranging from real estate to tourism , through information...
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Fax : +216 71 94 20 49
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Adresse : Tunisie : 20 Rue des entrepreneurs
2035 Charguia II - Ariana
Algérie : Cité Sonelgaz 02 lot N°07
Gué de Constantine - Alger
Lybie : Janzour – PB 76954 tripoli - Lybie
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